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Dear Centerville Families,

We hope you are enjoying the long weekend.  In honor of MLK Jr. we continue to find inspiration for ways that we can fill our school with kindness.  We are truly a little school with a BIG heart.  Don't forget to get your beaver gear ready for this Friday's spirit wear day.  
Science Fair- February 9th
17 days of school until the Centerville Science Fair! Display boards will be distributed on Tuesday to all registered participants.

Interested in a free lunch? We are looking for more judges, please let us know if you are interested, or encourage others to participate.

Winter Walk-to-School- February 1st
We are excited about our first winter WTS day this school year.  Mark your calendars for Wednesday, February 1st.  Thank you to Mrs. Prior and our hearty parent volunteers for giving this a go!

Tasting Tuesday- A Message from Mrs. Prior
Even with snow pilling up, we can still enjoy food from local farms.  Thanks to Farmers To You – the year-round online farmers market who donate organic, farm-fresh produce for our much-loved Tasting Tuesday program – we “tasted” again this week!

This week the students tasted red cabbage!  Ask your child to use descriptive words to tell you how the cabbage looked, felt, smelled and tasted.  Did anything about the cabbage surprise them?  Do they remember ever having tasted it before, or was this their first experience trying it?  Our goal with Tasting Tuesday is to try new things in a fun and supportive environment.  We have one rule: “Don’t yuck on someone else’s yum.”  When Mrs. Harwood and I visit the classrooms, we emphasize that it is great if you like the new food, and it is no big deal if you don’t.  Our goal is not to decide if you like or don’t like a certain food – it is to learn about food and to slow down and experience everything about the food we are sampling.  Typically, well over 90% of the students willingly taste a wide variety of vegetables.  You parents can be proud of your children!

Here are some easy ways to cook red cabbage (also called purple cabbage):

1.  Slice it thin and toss it into salad or any broth based soup.

2.  Chop it into chunks; toss with oil, salt and pepper; and roast until just tender.

3.  Slice it, and sauté in butter or oil, and season it liberally with salt and pepper.

4.  Add small wedges to a raw veggie platter and serve with your favorite dip.

We are grateful to Farmer To You for supplying organic, whole foods direct from New England farms for this program.  Farmers To You is a year-round online farmers market – no delivery fee and you order what you want each week.  One of their largest and liveliest pickup sites is right here in Beverly at the Beverly Cove Community Center.  Visit their website at, or come to their pickup site with your children.


Julie Smith, Principal