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Dear Centerville Families,

It's good that we have the Winter Olympics to inspire us to finish strong this week as we head towards the February break.  Although, the 100th day celebration, walking to school, the upcoming science fair and Valentine's Day are keeping our spirits high.

The week will be off to a great start with our science fair tomorrow.  Thank you to all of the parents who have supported projects for this year's fair.  We know that parents are a significant part of getting projects done. We also thank our parent volunteers who coordinate this event.  It certainly is a community effort!  We hope that you are able to make it back in the evening to see the students' projects.

We are also very appreciative of the support we received for our Winter Walk-to-School day, and we would also like to thank you all for your flexibility last week during the early dismissal.  

We wish you all good health and rest during the upcoming break!


Afternoon Dismissal: With colder temperatures the amount of cars significantly increases.  If you are driving to school it will be wise to delay your pick up by about five minutes.  Traffic flows much more smoothly once the buses clear out.

Morning Drop-off: Mornings are busy for all families.  Be considerate of others who are dropping off in the morning.  Please pull up as far as possible (towards the cafeteria) to allow as many cars as possible to drop off along the sidewalk.  If you need to get out of your car to walk your child in please park in the lot to do so to avoid blocking drop-off traffic.

Take care,

Julie Smith, Principal